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Have you always wondered how to care for your curls or waves? Had trouble with frizzy, fly-aways, and dry hair? Well, you've come to the right place! CurlyWiki was created to provide free information about caring for and embracing natural curls. The article database includes videos, how to's, and articles. Feel free to jump right in and start editing!


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Curly Girl Products
To begin the Curly Girl Method a curlie needs to buy the right products as specified by the method. For someone who's new to the method this can be rather confusing, but this page will help with that. It is recommended that you write down the no-no ingredients and a few products you are interested in trying. This makes it easy when going to the store... Read More...

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A great video by Jess McGuinty on making the most of your blow dryer with a diffuser.

Jessicurl Blow Dryer

Jessicurl Blow Dryer

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